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Wahl Temp-Plates
    "Over the last 10 years thermal imaging technology has changed tremendously, but one thing is which is always lacking is training to properly interpret thermographic data. Regardless of the evolution of the technology, fortunately PalmerWahl has always been and always will be at the forefront of the industry. For nearly a decade we have been working with PalmerWahl and their training institute for any of our needs, anything from thermal imaging camera purchases to training. Wheather you are a company like Mold Busters or average DIY person, you need proper training to interpret the data and ParlmerWahl is nothing but the best."
Mold Busters

Wahl Temp-Plates
    Recently a customer placed an order for temp-plates and they ask that we “PLEASE SHIP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”, they were quoted a delivery date of 8-25-2017. The customer then called and ask, “Also would it be possible for me to change the shipping address? If PW can ship directly to our remote site, it will save a day on our end”. Our staff here at Palmer Wahl worked hard to get the order ready and shipped, the order was sent on 8-21-2017 by FedEx express. Below is their testimonial.

“Thank you very much, this is why I love Palmer Wahl. Y'all are great!”

Have a great day!

J. H.

    Our Factory is always shutdown the last week in July. This year on July 28th, 2017 we had a Company contact us in desperate need of two Digi-Stem assemblies that needed to be shipped immediately. Our Customer Service and what little in-house staff we had working, put together these two Digi-Stem assemblies and had them shipped UPS express to Canada the same day. Read the Company’s testimonial below.

    “We contacted Palmer during your shut down in need of emergency parts. Mackenzie went out of her way to speak to others in the plant in order to get us the items that we needed. So together with others that helped her out, we were able to get our parts shipped out the same day and to our customer the next day. We are in Canada as well, so it was an international order. Great customer service!!!!”.

    “Mackenzie was so helpful and pleasant. It was a pleasure to deal with someone so professional and willing to help us out. Very impressive customer service. Thanks to everyone involved in helping us out on July 28th”.

S. S.

Wahl Temp-Plate     We recently had a Customer that was in a transitional stage and needed 500 Temp-Plates. The Company had no account set up with FedEx or UPS and ask if we could bill that on the card also because they are currently building a new facility and in the future will be setting up these accounts with shipping. Our Customer Service worked with them and they received their Temp-Plates on time. Below is their testimonial.

    “Everything on the invoice looks good. If you need to add the freight on the invoice, please send me a copy for my records. Thanks for working with us on this”.

    “Great service and quick decision making. I was dealing with several suppliers and you were the only company that actually listened and really wanted to do business”.

K. J.


    “I am very happy for Wahl’s quality and big digital numbers, we can see temperature from distance”. “Thank you for your quick quote response”. “I am sure happy the existing Wahl thermometer has lasted for more than 6 years and is still working very well”.

W. G.

DST400 Series
    Customer was quoted the DST400K, Software, and Calibration Kit. When the customer sent in an order request our Customer Service reminded him about the shipping procedure with the Lithium Batteries (batteries usually ship ground only, if they are shipped air, they will go thru Hazardous Material Regulations and will have an additional cost). Read testimonial below,

    “That is so awesome!!! Thanks again for thinking ahead on that. I didn’t even consider the issues with those batteries so I’m very thankful we know about it ahead of time.

    I’ll alert my shipper so she knows what is going on and I’ll talk to the customer about it as well and see how they want us to ship to them once we’ve completed our portion of this order.

    Thanks for thinking ahead on that!!!! Wow… That would have just put a big kink in everything. Good job!!

    You’re the best! Thanks Mackenzie! Have a fabulous day!”.

L. S.
DST400 Series
    "We are currently using the DST400 series thermometer in a pipe thermowell to verify ice cream temperature as it is running. Knowing the temperature of the ice cream is crucial for achieving a quality product. We chose the PalmerWahl brand for it's accuracy and dependability, customer service was very helpful when deciding which model would work best for us and in expediting the order. The calibrating software seemed complicated, but was extremely easy to use. We are very satisfied with our purchase and I would definitely recommend PalmerWahl thermometers to anyone looking for a quality thermometer".

E. B.
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Wahl Temp-Plates
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