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Palmer Wahl Announces New TC/RTD Sensor Assemblies


& New Thermowell Catalog

New TC/RTD Sensor Assemblies

Asheville, NC – Tuesday, May 10, 2011– Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is proud to announce our new line of RTD & Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies.  The most recent addition to our line of industrial temperature and pressure instruments, our RTD & TC Sensor Assemblies are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet an assortment of application requirements.

A variety of sensor heads in aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, polypropylene, and explosion proof models are available to suit your application and price point.  Select from terminal blocks or transmitters for data transfer.  HART protocol transmitters available.   


Choose thermocouple elements when operating at higher temperatures, or when you need fast response. Choose grounded or ungrounded elements in types J, K, or T.  Choose between thin film or wire wound type RTDs in Class A or Class B when higher accuracy and better stability are necessary.  Two, three, and four wire RTD models available.  Custom built probes can be provided upon request. 


Also introducing our newly redesigned thermowell catalog to complement this new product line.  Thermowells are used for protection of your instrument, and to enable the ease of inserting and removing instruments from your process with reduced downtime.  Manufactured in our Asheville, NC facility, Palmer thermowells are available in a wide variety of materials to minimize response time for the most accurate process measurements. Choose from our standard models, or contact us for your custom requirements.  We’ll be happy to help you with a total temperature solution.

Palmer Wahl sensor assemblies and thermowells are available through Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, Inc. and their Authorized Distributors.

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