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T150 High Precision Temperature Calibrator

New T150 High Precision Temperature Calibrator

Asheville, NC – July 26th, 2011Wahl Instruments Inc. announces the addition of the T150 High Precision Temperature Calibrator to its line of test and calibration equipment.  With its convenient handheld design, the Wahl T150 is a highly accurate all-in-one calibration solution for thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor thermometers.  Featuring two channels, configurable for IN / IN or IN / OUT settings allow comparison calibration and temperature differential measurement.  Simulate temperature on the OUT channel to control temperature recorders, indicators, hand held thermometers and more. Use the easy connection system to insert wires with a diameter of up to 3mm (10 AWG) by pushing the terminal top.  Wires are held tight between two brass plates that provide thermal stability and an excellent cold junction compensation for thermocouples.  Easy connection system also accommodates 4 mm banana plugs and security connectors.

Advanced features include onboard memory for storage of calibration procedures in the device, for quick and easy on-site calibrations; use of the optional DATACAL software to customize and issue calibration certificates; 4-20mA OUT signal for driving dry-blocks, furnaces, and baths; as well as integrated scaling, steps, synthesis, statistical functions, and switch tests to make data manipulation easier.

The T150 High Precision Temperature Calibrator is available from Wahl Instruments, Inc., and its network of distributors.


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